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Medical Weight Loss

The combination of hCG medication, a daily dietary plan, and weekly follow-ups mean that you’ll be equipped with a strategy for long term success.

Transform Your Body

You have probably dieted before—and maybe you’ve been disappointed. Even if you lost weight, the appearance of problem areas—such as the hips, upper arms, or stomach—have not have improved. The hCG Weight Loss Program is different. hCG is more than weight loss!

In addition to losing from ½ to 1 pound of weight daily, you’ll lose inches and fat in “trouble areas.” Losing weight and keeping it off is a struggle for millions of Americans—frequently because we have low metabolisms. Now, a weight loss program that’s been available in Europe for 50 years is being offered at Sylvana Med Spa in Frederick, MD. Because of the unique way that hCG helps to re-set your metabolism, your metabolic rate will be higher when you complete the program, and the set point for your body fat will be lower. That’s why 85% of all patients keep the weight off for good!

Medically Supervised hCG Weight Loss

We begin with a complimentary and individualized consultation, including a complete history, blood pressure, body measurements, and Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA).

BIA measures your body composition of body fat in relation to lean body mass by using an imperceptible electrical current that passes through pads placed on one hand and foot. In just minutes you will have an accurate account of lean muscle, water and body fat to help guide your treatment. Then, under medical supervision, you will go through 4 phases:

  • Eat a low-calorie, nutritious diet following strict guidelines
  • Take a protein supplement twice daily to rid the body of toxins
  • Administer the hCG nasal spray, or injection according to the schedule
  • Return to our office for weekly monitoring and a B12 shot (if available)