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Increase Your Metabolism & Burn Fat with Lipo-Mino Injections

This injection pairs well with Sylvana's new Medical Weight Loss Program!

Super Ultra Fat Burner

This injection has been developed as a tool for weight loss. It is formulated to eliminate fat cells and to use fat for fuel, resulting in higher energy, body circumference and weight loss. (For optimum results, receive this injection on a weekly basis.)

The Benefits

This injection may increase fat metabolism and mobilization by the liver. Studies show this compounded injection to improve weight loss by 1 additional pound per week (with regular exercise). These vitamins and nutrients help to increase energy, improve skin tone and elasticity, and may improve cardiovascular and muscular function.

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Deal #1

Receive a Lipo-Mino Injection for


(Regular price is $49.00. You may purchase up to 10)



when you purchase a package of 10

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immune booster injection

What Is It: The Immune Booster Injection is a power packed immunity formula with potent antioxidants with essential vitamins and minerals (may be given up to 3 times a week).

Benefits: Increase immune support, maintain healthy immune system, decrease inflammation, optimize healthy cell function and aid in wound healing.

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione

*Consultation required for new patients

Deal #2

Receive an Immunity Booster Injection for


(Regular price is $39.00. You may purchase up to 10)

VITAMIN D injection

Why You Need It: Vitamin D deficiency can weaken the immune system, affect muscle and health, and most commonly impairs mood and concentration.

Benefits: Vitamin D supports bone health, helps regulate insulin levels, supports cardiovascular health, aids in immunity, supports mood, anxiety/depression, body aches and more ...

Ingredients: Vitamin D

*Consultation required for new patients

Deal #3

Receive an Vitamin Injection for


(Regular price is $30.00. You may purchase up to 10)

iv therapies

pink diamond iv therapy treatment - SPECIAL DEAL!

Why You Need It: IV Therapy Drip Treatments are exponentially more effective than orally ingested supplements. They go directly into the blood stream, are absorbed 100% and provide maximum benefits. Oral vitamins must be filtered through the digestive system, are only absorbed by 20% and have minimal, short term benefits.

Benefits: The Sylvana Pink Diamond IV Therapy Treatment hydrates and restores balance while optimizing nutrient levels. This treatment helps to burn more fat, increase your metabolism, curb your appetite while helping you to increase your energy and stamina.

*Consultation required for new patients

Deal #4

Receive a full PINK DIAMOND IV Treatment 

ONLY $99

(Regular price is $125.00)


 Receive a mini PINK DIAMOND IV Treatment 

ONLY $50 (Regular price is $65.00)

Sylvana IMMUNITY DRIP iv therapy treatment - SPECIAL DEAL!

Why You Need It: Receiving these key nutrients through IV therapy enhances their absorption, delivering them directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the need to be digested and then absorbed. You will feel the effects of the Immunity Drip working immediately.

Benefits: The Sylvana Immunity Drip is formulated to maximize the immune response of your body and protect it, so you can keep working hard and enjoying life.

Ingredients: This drip contains a high dose of vitamin C and zinc, which both have a critical role in your body's detox and natural defense system.

*Consultation required for new patients

Deal #5

Receive a full IMMUNITY DRIP Treatment 

ONLY $149

(Regular price is $199.00)


Receive a mini IMMUNITY DRIP Treatment 

only $75

(Regular price is $100.00)

These services may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts, complimentary services or products. As with all Sylvana Services, this service will be performed by a highly skilled and professional clinician. Dr. O'Connell does not perform discounted services.


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