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4 Aesthetic Medicine Trends We Expect in 2024

As the world of aesthetic medicine continues to evolve we are getting ready for exciting developments in 2024! From futuristic technologies to refined techniques, the upcoming year promises advancements that are reshaping the industry.

Trend 1: Tech-Infused Treatments

Technology keeps you young! In more ways than one… 

  • Laser Treatments—Once the stuff of sci-fi, lasers have taken over the aesthetic world. They offer an array of treatments from skin resurfacing to hair removal these guys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!
  • INMODE—utilizes three technologies in one for amazing body sculpting results (Electronic Muscle Stimulation, Bipolar Radiofrequency Energy, and Vacuum Technology). 
  • EVOKE—a revolutionary, noninvasive facial remodeling device that uses state-of-the-art thermal and submental remodeling technology to contour face and neck tissue.
  • EVOLVE Microcurrent Toning—stimulates muscles with low-level electrical currents, improving muscle tone, and can be used in a variety of areas.

These procedures can offer patients better outcomes and a more comfortable experience overall. 

Trend 2: Sustainable Beauty Practices

You spend a little extra on organic food and green products for your home and family, but what about your beauty products? The things you apply to your face and skin every day have a sneaky amount of chemical additives.  

As patients become more aware of the impact these chemicals have on their health and the environment, there’s a growing demand for eco-friendly products. This includes sustainable options such as biodegradable fillers, products that use natural ingredients like plant extracts and essential oils, reef-safe products, and reusable or refillable packaging options.

Trend 3: Personalized Beauty Solutions

You probably wouldn’t buy a one-size-fits-all bathing suit so why are you doing your skincare that way? Your skin is unique and the way you care for it should be tailored to your lifestyle and goals. From daily products to specialty procedures, take care to customize your approach and you will see stunning results!  

Trend 4: Non-Invasive Procedures on the Rise

Who has time for post-surgery recovery these days? Non-invasive procedures are on the rise for a reason! Expect more lunchtime tox and filler appointments, and Saturday AM peels post gym session, pre-kids sporting events. With advancing technology, patients can see amazing results with little to no downtime!

The Future is Here

With so many advances in technology heading our way, the future of aesthetic medicine is looking very good—just like you will when you receive personalized treatment from us.

Want to look your best in 2024? Schedule your consultation today!