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Hands-Free Total Body Remodeling

INMODE Evolve X is an innovative body contouring system that uses several hands-free applicators to perform different treatments, including tightening the skin, eliminating excess fat, and toning the muscles.

This single device by INMODE can perform three different body contouring treatments, all of which have been clinically proven to help patients reach different aesthetic goals.

Additionally, these treatments can be performed by themselves or combined to deliver the most comprehensive results based on your ultimate needs. The different treatment options designed by the developers at INMODE use a combination of techniques to contour the body, including:

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation
  • Bipolar Radiofrequency Energy
  • Vacuum Technology

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Why People Choose Inmode Evolve X Body Sculpting

The benefit of this body contouring system is that it offers patients the option to target three different areas and concerns. It can remodel the skin, target excess, stubborn fat cells, and define muscles by toning different areas. These techniques work together to transform certain areas of the body and, in doing so, give you a newfound sense of confidence in your appearance.

With a full course of Evolve TITE, TRIM, and TONE body contouring, patients can address countless concerns, including:

  • Mild to moderate skin laxity
  • Loose skin after pregnancy
  • Side effects of weight loss
  • Stubborn adipose tissue
  • Areas of bulging fat
  • Poorly defined muscles

The Benefits of Inmode at Sylvana

100% Non-Surgical Procedure

Patients who want a firmer, sexier, more youthful-looking figure without having to go under the knife may be ideal candidates for Evolve. This nonsurgical alternative obviates the need for incisions, sutures, scarring, anesthesia, pain medication, and downtime.

Zero Down-Time!

Thanks to its completely nonsurgical approach and advanced technologies, Evolve allows patients to resume virtually all of their preferred activities almost immediately after treatment. This allows you to fit in your appointment when it is most convenient because you can go right back to your normal life when you’re done!

Long Term Results

On average, patients can expect to need about five Evolve sessions to achieve their desired outcome. Oftentimes, patients notice a visible improvement in their skin texture, muscle tone, and silhouette after the first Evolve session, with the final results taking shape several weeks or months after the full course of treatment.

It’s important to note that none of these treatments are designed to help you lose weight but instead are meant to contour and define your body in a way that your healthy lifestyle choices cannot. Having realistic expectations going into the treatment process is important but at the same time, know that when you commit to the process, you will achieve some noticeable results.