The Pros & Cons of Botox Injections

So, you’re thinking about botox but you aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you. Botox can be a bit intimidating for someone who doesn’t have knowledge or experience of the procedure. We have seen plenty of people in your exact situation and understand you are currently in what we like to call the pros and cons stage of things. You’re trying to determine if the pros outweigh the cons for you or possibly what the pros and cons of botox even are to begin with. Allow us to assist you in your determination process. As experts in botox we are glad to provide you with the best and most accurate knowledge that we can.

Botox injections are designed to block nerve chemical signals in the targeted area causing the muscles to relax, preventing them from contracting. This means botox can be used for not just fine lines and wrinkles but also many medical conditions as well.

This of course leads us to our first pro of botox, it works. Simply put, botox works in whatever area it is injected, the appearance of line and wrinkles or the presence of muscle contracture will be taken care of for roughly four months. Another pro of botox is that it is a quick and almost painless in office procedure with no downtime. You can visit an office, receive injections and go back to work the very next morning. Botox also offers the benefit of quick outcomes, typically seeing results in just one to three days makes botox an appealing option. There are also very few risks when performed by properly licensed professionals.

The next can be a pro for some and a con for others.

Botox is a non permanent procedure. Some may view this as an advantage to determine whether they do in fact like the outcomes of the procedure while others can often find the need for repetitive procedures three to four times a year to be an inconvenience therefore viewing it as a con.
Sometimes, though botox works, it can take several procedures to achieve the full optimum results making this a con. Another con is that due to the nature of the botox and that it prevents nerve impulse and muscle contraction it can hinder your ability to make certain facial expressions and movements. This particular con however can be less likely when using a licensed and experienced professional. Like everything else, side effects are rare but can still happen. The fear of side effects can be seen as a huge con for some people as well.

Whether you feel worried by the cons or overtaken by the pros you must be sure to note that many of the cons can be put to rest by simply taking time to find the right practitioner to perform your botox procedures. Sylvana Medical and Aesthetics Center is prepared to perform your botox procedure today. We have a highly educated and experienced staff ready to put any concerns or apprehensions you may have at ease, give us a call today.

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